Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

Henry Ford

Our Team

Israel Reyes
Founder and Managing Director

Israel Reyes is a passionate and successful entrepreneur. In 2012 he founded Solity - which provides a secure, cloud based platform for incident response management. This platform is based on a framework and protocol that was developed by Israel, whose many skillsets include: mathematician, scientist, security guru and solution architect. Israel’s career spans 17 years in crisis management, risk mitigation, network architecture and cyber-security; with global experience in New Zealand, USA, Latin America and Europe. He has worked within many corporate environments including IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Fujitsu; and his entrepreneurial streak, in combination with his passion for developing innovative solutions, has lead Israel to a number of successful ventures.

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Amanda Scott
NZ Sales and Service Delivery

Amanda is responsible for developing and executing both the direct and indirect sales strategy for Solity. In particular she maintains and supports reseller relationships and key corporate accounts.   She has eighteen years corporate and key account management experience across a range of industries. 

Amanda has great affinity for Solity offerings. Like many Kiwis she had a number of friends and family affected by the CHCH quakes, through that experience she appreciates the importance of preparedness and contingency planning. 

Amanda is passionate about her customer relationships and strives to meet and exceed their expectations.

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Chris Mclean
Senior Developer

Chris is an accomplished solution architect and senior developer with over ten years experience working with IBM, Metservice and Internal Affairs. Among many projects, he has worked on one of the highest grossing New Zealand mobile apps, and has been instrumental in building robust, secure and innovative products for organisations where dependability is critical to the operations of customers.

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Andrew Agnew

Andrew has studied the psychology of communication, interpersonal organisation and information processing at the University of Otago. He has a background in research and a passion for generating evidenced based solutions to unique problems. Andrew chose to work as a part of the Solity team when he recognised the potential benefits and applications of the Solity platform. 

Andrew is responsible for the research and development of marketing material as well as ensuring the Solity platform is tailored to the usability needs of clients. For Andrew both of these areas present a unique opportunity to apply his knowledge and analytic approach to problem solving.


Mitchell Reid-Tait
Tester – Bug fixer

Mitchell works closely with senior developers at Solity and is responsible for automation testing, coding and user experience.

Mitchell’s passion for Mathematics and physics gives him a unique edge allowing him to combine his creative flair with his strong intellectual know-how in software ensuring Solity is always at the forefront of the market. Mitchell’s hobbies include reading, writing, R & D and sports