We align Solity’s social and environmental activities within our business purpose and values.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is fundamental to Solity Softwares approach to business and solution
design. We seek to generate innovative solutions to practical problems that affect the
social whole and we are committed to supporting socially conscious organisations in
mitigating risks to their personnel and valuable core services.
We understand that for an organisation to thrive it must exist in, and be a part of, a forward
thinking and caring society. We seek to ensure that charitable organisations that protect
our environment and community are supported  and offer special discounts on Solity
services in order to preserve their operations in the event of an incident.
Solity is also committed to fostering a culture of sustainable and useful initiatives that
reduce resource use, waste and emissions. We believe that a solution is only worth
investing in if it is responsible as well as useful and bring this approach to every
organisation we work with.
We are dedicated to mitigating risk to people, organisations and society.
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