For organisations concerned about identifying and containing cyber security breaches.

Cyber Security

For Chief Information Security Officers who are concerned about the potential of an incident or attack and require an out-of-band emergency response capability. Solity provides a flexible and responsive platform to comprehensively and cost-effectively manage all entity's security incidents.

Solity in Cyber Security

By digitising cyber security breach procedures and making them available from any mobile device, an organisation can ensure that in the event of a data breach they are prepared to respond swiftly, minimising the time between breach detection and containment. The Solity platform also allows real time monitoring of breach response progress and uniquely allows for containment plans to be adjusted for every responder at a moment’s notice.

The Importance of Cyber Security

Data breaches not only result in direct costs in the form of investigation, consultation and reparation but in the indirect cost of lost business due to reduced customer confidence and reputational damage. An IBM sponsored report by the Ponemone institute conducted in 2015 found that the average data breach cost was $3.89 million and that having an effective breach response plan:
  • Reduced the time to identify a breach by 27%
  • Reduced the time to contain a breach by 41% 
  • Reduced the per capita cost of a data breach by 9%
Information security incidents can and will happen to any organisation; it is not about "if”, it is about “when".  

What Solity does

Solity Platform is an integrated, full mobile, cloud solution for management of an entity's entire cybersecurity incident response and business continuity management cycle.

  • Defining Incident Response plans
    • Breakdown tasks and action plans.
    • Develop roles and responsibilities matrix.
    • Comprehensively document and organise procedures.
    • Run practice scenarios to test breach plans.
  • Incident Response Management
    • Digitise creation of tasks and actions plans.
    • Monitor the estimated schedule and progress.
    • Communicate to applicable managers and response personnel.
    • Real time action reports and updates.
  • Reporting and monitoring
    • Create audit logs.
    • Automatically consolidate information from entities, risks, and processes.
    • Generate dashboards, update reports and monitor crises in real time.
    • Export PDF reports with time stamps for forensics and after action review.

Solity Benefits

“Solity provides us with clear visibility of our Response Plans and uniquely brings us faster response and faster recovery times to all incidents”    Aaron Mikoz, CIO, Maritime NZ

  • Cyber security plans can be accessed whenever a breach occurs resulting in significantly reduced response times and therefore a much shorter time between breach discovery and containment.
  • Real time updates mean critical instructions and adaptations of plans can be implemented without delay ensuring that a business has an agile response to a cyber security breach.
  • Clear, comprehensive and exportable records allow for an effective review of the efficacy of a breach response plan as well as providing clear auditability and accountability.

Why Solity

  • The comprehensive platform for CyberSecurity incident Response, BCP and Compliance
  • Used by large private and public enterprises
  • A range of deployment options; SaaS, hosted and on-premise
  • Recognised by BCP Subject Matter Experts in the industry
  • A flexible technology which can be tailored to organisations process and organisation
  • Accessible in real-time, anywhere, anytime on any device
  • A network of partners providing professional and managed services, consulting, content and technology