Solity's Crisis and Incident Control platform supports disaster, data breach and general incident response plans as well as business continuity planning.

Crisis Control

Solity Crisis and Incident Control is a SaaS cloud and mobile based platform that allows an
organisation to engineer detailed incident response plans that can be modified and accessed in
real time from any mobile device. 
The Solity platform facilitates incident-response from initial occurance to a return to full
organisational operation. Critical information from each step of a plan is distributed to the people
who need it, when they need it. The platform uniquely allows designated organisation managers to
monitor and adjust plan execution in real time.

A typical incident response might involve multiple teams, using different terminology and incompatible systems, while relying on predetermined response plans.

Our product sits above and is independent of the responding organisations' day-to-day systems, so there are no language or compatibility issues. Response plans can be modified in real time from a mobile tablet during an event as unexpected circumstances demand, optimising response effectiveness.

The leadership team is kept informed with status updates delivered to their mobile phone.

It provides a simple means of achieving full and secure command and control capability from almost anywhere at any time.

Our customers tell us that it's the first of its kind.

Service Overview

  • A cloud and mobile based business continuity system to manage the planning, live implementation, review and audit of your continuity, recovery and incident response plans.
  • Real time business wide visibility, management and execution of business continuity and incident response plans, in the palm of your hands. Anywhere, anytime.
  • Highly effective, secure and easy-to-use solution.
  • Confidence in the status of continuity and business change initiatives through the ability to monitor, trace and coordinate activity.
  • Enables automated alerts and response to data-triggered events such as weather forecasts or cyber security incidents.
  • Assurance that planning, execution, monitoring and status is in your control.
  • Faster recovery, reduced risk, more uptime, better productivity, less impact on the operation.
  • Valuable addition to your governance, policy, compliance and dashboard reporting framework.
  • Built to be aligned with BS25999 and ISO 22301.

Core Benefits

Procedure ActionabilityPaper plans might include all the information necessary for an organisation’s incident-response but are not practically useful for individuals who need to take action in the heat of the moment. Such individuals must search a document for the next step to a disaster response which not only wastes valuable time but introduces the risk of missing key details and procedures, particularly while they are in a state of distress as is likely during a significant incident. The Solity platform stores every step of an incident-response plan and distributes relevant steps to individuals when they need them ensuring a well executed incident response whenever and wherever the incident occurs.

Communication and FlexibilityUnlike more general internal management, which can occur over a series of days without issue, incident management must often occur over the course of minutes or even seconds in order to meet changing incident demands. During a conventionally planned procedure limited communication means an organisation must simply trust that their planning was good enough, often identifying flaws in their planning or critical errors days or weeks after an incident – if at all. The Solity platform allows for the responses and actions of all individuals within the organisation to be monitored and adjusted in real time from any place, enhancing the flexibility of an organisation's incident response.

AuditingIn the aftermath of an incident an organisation will need to assess the efficacy of their response procedures and answer to a number of parties. Stakeholders, customers and regulators will all have questions about the actions taken by an organisation in response to a significant incident.Having a clear record of events is critical to ensuring that these questions can be answered, improvements on response plans can be made and points of failure can be identified.The Solity platform records and timestamps actions taken by every individual within an organisation providing a record of events for after action review. This ensures an evidenced assessment of an organisation’s response can be carried out with clear accountability.

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“This is the only product we’ve found that gives management full command and control during a crisis.”

     Aaron Mikoz, CIO, Maritime New Zealand

“Solity’s BC Manager is the one tool our Crisis team always rely on.”

     Steven Aldridge, Compliance Manager, Brother International

“When we modify our response plan on one device, it automatically updates all others.”

     Adam Agnew, General Manager, Datacom Systems