For organisations that wish to ensure a smooth recovery business function following any incident.

Business Continuity Planning

Solity in Business Continuity Planning

The Solity platform facilitates business continuity planning from initial incident to a return to full organisational operation. By digitising BCPs and making them available on any mobile device, the Solity platform ensures that an entire organisation’s BCPs are ready to be accessed and implemented at a moment’s notice. The Solity platform not only enhances the accessibility and mobility of an organisation’s BCP, but uniquely allows designated users to monitor progress and adjust plans in real time ensuring a swift, adaptable response to an incident.

The Importance of BCP

When incidents, large or small, disrupt an organisation an efficient and effectively implemented continuity plan can mean the difference between a brief disruption of service and a costly collapse of internal business function. An incident can do significant direct damage if not effectively addressed when it occurs while every hour spent recovering is an hour of lost revenue, purposeless upkeep costs and reputational damage.  Business continuity planning therefore has two distinct benefits: the mitigating of immediate damage by rapidly addressing the problem and the expediting of a return to active function. Plans, and the means by which they are implemented, must therefore emphasise speed and agility in incident response. 

What Solity Does - Continuity Planning

  • Defining business continuity plans
    • Breakdown tasks and action plans.
    • Develop roles and responsibilities matrix.
    • Comprehensively document and organise procedures.
    • Run practise scenarios to test BCP plans.
  • Response management
    • Digitise creation of tasks and actions plans.
    • Monitor the response schedule and progress.
    • Communicate to applicable managers and response personnel.
    • Adjust response in real time.
  • Reporting and monitoring
    • Create audit logs.
    • Automatically consolidate information from entities, risks, and processes.
    • Generate dashboards, update reports and monitor crises in real time.
    • Export PDF reports with time stamps for forensics and after action review.

Solity Benefits

“Solity provides us with clear visibility of our Response Plans and uniquely brings us faster response and faster recovery times to all incidents”  Aaron Mikoz, CIO, Maritime NZ

  • Ensures not only that plans can be accessed at any time but that plans are structured such that only the directives immediately relevant to an incident are distributed. This will enhance the speed and accuracy of BCP implementation.
  • Real time reporting provides comprehensive visibility of BCP while immediate plan adjustment ensures that the BCP can be adjusted to suit changing incident demands, significantly enhancing the flexibility of an incident response.
  • Allows for swift, cost effective reporting and auditing thanks to a unified record of every action taken during the execution of a BCP. 

Why Solity

  • The comprehensive platform for BCP, Incident Response and Health & Safety Compliance
  • Used by large private and public enterprises
  • A range of deployment options; SaaS, hosted and on-premise
  • Recognized by BCP Subject Matter Experts in the industry
  • A flexible technology which can be tailored to an entity's processes and workflow
  • Accessible in real-time, anywhere, at anytime, on any device
  • A network of partners providing professional and managed services, consulting, content and technology